Quick and Easy Recipes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Easy Recipes

Though quick-easy recipes square measure usually related to terribly high-calorie and over-fat foods, several fast-food chains have chosen to supply healthier dishes like salads or vegetarian dishes, therefore dine in a building nutriment doesn’t need to be dangerous.

Some of the ingredients that will help you save minutes in the kitchen are legumes, preserves or pasta. But then you will find many more ideas with which to make dishes in the shortest time possible.

For example, bag salads already prepared for consumption. Using them in your dishes will save you washing and cutting them. Of course, before consuming them it is best that you open them and the air to avoid the odors that give off the preserved foods. You can also opt for canned or smoked fish such as sardines, tuna or mackerel. You can find them in different variants with oil, natural or pickled.

Another alternative to using in your recipes in 5 minutes is the rice and pasta, sea ingredients versatile and that combine with a thousand wonderful wonders with many foods. Try mixing the spaghetti with mushrooms or prawns, or rice with vegetables. You will have a meal in 5 minutes of the most delicious. And if the cooking time of the rice or pasta is still too much and you cannot leave it made from the previous day you choose much faster alternatives like couscous or polenta.

If you fancy something lighter and not a complete dish, why not try some tasty snacks? No need to complicate your life, there are many quick recipes for entrees that you can make and prepare for the moment. How about a toast with fresh cheese and tomato? Or another one of tuna, anchovies, tomato, and garlic?

Advantages of Feeding Nutriment or quick easy recipes

Among the largest blessings of nutrient consumption is that the time saving, since once feeding in an exceedingly building you are doing not need to cook, additionally, several of those restaurants supply the chance to require the food to the house, a reason why the comfort will increase.

Another advantage is that the value because it is commonly attainable to shop for complete menus of nutriment for terribly reasonable and economical costs.

Following a balanced and healthy diet is additionally attainable with quick foods, since they provide a large number of various dishes, like salads, fish or 100 percent vegetarian dishes.

Disadvantages of Feeding or Making Ready quick easy recipes

The biggest drawback which will occur once overwhelming nutriment is sometimes that it influences health within the short and future. There square measure several diseases related to high-calorie quick foods, like disorder or avoirdupois.

The menus of nutriment chains square measure sometimes terribly caloric and square measure sometimes in the middle of drinks with high sugar content and excess fats.

In addition, though it should appear convenient to order food reception as a result of the delivery is anticipated to be quick, in several cases, owing to traffic within the town or to the surplus orders from the building, the food is late.

Healthy Choices for Quick-Easy Recipes

Making a dish or grilled fish square measure quick foods and specifically easy and low cost, therefore you’ll be able to prepare reception with none complication.

However, if we would like to decapitate nutriment restaurants, in their menus we are able to realize completely different healthy choices that may facilitate the United States of America to follow a healthy and obesity diet.

Although everything rightly does not necessarily generate a health problem, for fast food lovers I have highlighted a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages offered by each – at least the most popular. The consumption of a fast food should not exceed an average of two per week. That way we protect the body from the nutritious excesses that these foods hide behind its appetizing aspect. Here we are going to show you some quick-easy recipes:

Hamburgers with Fries

  • Advantage: possess high-calorie content that gives energy to the body. It also provides carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Disadvantage: the energy comes from saturated fats and sugars that, in excess, are harmful to health and lack other essential nutrients.


  • Advantage: an important source of carbohydrates. A complete meal if it does not contain ham among its ingredients.
  • Disadvantage: high-fat content compared to other fatty foods, especially cheese or mozzarella.


Chicken Nuggets

  • Advantage: Easy to prepare and varieties with vegetables (like spinach) are rich in nutrients.
  • Disadvantage: they do not replace the grilled and natural foods, in addition, they contribute an important amount of fats because it is a fried food.


  • Advantage: none at all compared to other fast foods. The sausage is also a processed food although it is usually enriched with vitamins and minerals.
  • Disadvantage: it is a food with a high-fat level and dangerous for people with gastrointestinal disorders.

Chicken Sandwiches

  • Advantage: if they do not have dressings they are a good source of carbohydrates, protein, and energy.
  • Disadvantage: if the chicken is skinless but roasted it contains more fat than the fried chicken.

Carbonated Beverages (Cola Type)

  • Advantage: they do not possess.
  • Disadvantage: high content of sugars harmful to the stomach, added to gas that produces flatulence. They are usually addictive, especially cola drinks.

Instant Preparations (Purees, Soups, Noodles, Desserts)

  • Advantage: solve a problem of time. They are usually enriched with vitamins and minerals.
  • Disadvantage: high sodium content and non-health friendly additives. The instantaneous is not synonymous with healthy.

Cold Meats and Sausages

  • Advantage: they accompany very well as an ingredient of sandwiches and sandwiches. And they are a good choice combined with vegetables and natural dressings. Always its consumption should be very limited.
  • Disadvantage: high sodium content and condiments not conducive to health. In addition, they are very rich in saturated fats, a reason why they are “heavy” foods.

Snacks (Cheetos and Chips)

  • Advantage: they do not possess.
  • Disadvantage: high-fat content and chemical additives. They usually generate some addiction. They are not recommended nor as a collation or snack. Top the list of artificial foods.

It is true that fast food solves a problem of lack of time, but in the long run produces a much more serious problem: lack of health. And without health, there is nothing we can do over time.